Summary of the Secrets

The truth about my nasty family and the world at large.

  • After researching my Grandfather’s freemasonry and German background it became apparent that something sinister was happening within my family. Pedophilia & More
  • I noticed how my freemason family “talk” and “gesture” I tried talking with my Granddad in the same way… He then revealed to me that he’s part of the secret Nazi Regime along with the Royal Family, and has hinted about there being an organised movement of arms around the world. Granddad said once “How do you suppose they get those arms there?” (referring to a radio news story about conflicts around the world. “It seems like NO ONE is in charge doesn’t it” he said in a nudge nudge way. The distraction & creation of FEAR is what it takes to keep it all from coming out.
  • He gave me various death threats so that I “stay quiet” by referencing the Metal Shaft (A knife or a  Screwdriver or anything closely resembling a metal sword.)
  • He has had access to the UK government discussions at the House of Lords & House of Commons since the 1950s by owning the contract of supplying Hansards to the government. ( )
  • He was captured by the Nazi’s in WW2 after having his eye shot out, the Nazi’s took him away, bandaged him up and the put him back in the field to be recovered by the allies only to then be put in a key position within the UK Government.
  • There is a systematic and organised satanic pedophile ring which goes throughout the Government, Royal Family, Local Governments, Freemason Halls, Schools, Hospitals, etc, etc. Search “Jimmy Saville”
  • My Grandfather has tried to remind me of occasions in which I was abused at my old school and while on family holidays when I was young. They abuse you young so YOU yourself abuse others quickly and then you can’t stand your ground, so you just get recruited. And so it goes on for 1000s of years!
  • I’ve never agreed to anything from them, so, I have a clean soul and I have earned the right to SCREAM about it!
  • I’m recording events as they unfold and I find out more in the Diary
  • Gramps at VE Day 2015 – He’s pictured just above the Houses of Parliament and the Queen of England –  “Celebrations

Photo Galleries

In these galleries are photos of antique Masonic pictures / coded behaviour and my grandparents passports. And a lot more research.

The picture of the keys I took when my grandad told me he had Grandma killed in the care home in around 2004. He said “why do I have keys to a car I don’t own?” – Mum was involved with this at the time also and wouldn’t answer any of my questions properly. Granddads other number plate was H1 FCC.