16th June 2015

After doing a lot of research, I decided as my Job in POP Telecom had started to deteriorate and my responsibilities were being taken away, I thought something funny was up, so I started to research my employers. The family i work for also own a Horse Racing Syndicate company, and also a logistic company for moving horses around newmarket. The new ops manager had just come back after leaving prison. I’m getting very uncomfortable.

I did some research in to their names and cross referenced “freemason” in the search terms.

Turns out theres lots of freemason connections in Ireland for their name. I get the distinct impression that they are purposefully wasting my time after promising that I’d be running the website, Im now not doing anything that was promised when I started. I get very annoyed and quit. I have a meeting with Roy (which I recorded) and I leave.

Name: Curran


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