Death Threat

Saturday 27th June 2015

Ok So after seeing some very strange behaviour between my Granddad and Adrian and Graham (my relatives) I relaised there is a whole masonic language which includes certain postures and gestures.

But they keep referring back to times and places in the Caribbean & school with references to “burning things at the bottom” of the garden. It’s soo subtle!

Sunday 28th June 2015

I start to understand the sentiment in the language. And decide to try it out with Granddad. It’s not what you say it’s just the implications of the conversation, such as, when my granddad was getting the impression that I didn’t like what he was revealing to me he would comment on the  like “Oooh, I don’t like the look of the wether, seems a little cold today” meaning I wasn’t confirming or being warm to his persuasion.

So I pretend to go along with his hooks for masonic conversation. He puts some positive references forward to Germany, Blue (a masonic colour), The Pair of birds statue, (birds of a feather, flock together), then he starts talking about his garden and how nice it is, he then asks me if I would change anything about the garden. So I start blagging at this point and pretending that I am all for the Nazis & Child Abuse and, cmon get me all joined up.

So we had a very long “masonic” chat for hours about how the world is, with regards to the Royal Family being a part of the Nazi Regime, but that they didn’t “actually really earn those medals”. The scale of the Satanic Abuse is worldwide and undercover in Schools, Hospitals and official organisations everywhere.

He urged me to join-up with the official PPG organisation, highlighting that it’s one of the places to enter the Satanic Abuse Network. But what he pointed out more than anything was that it’s absolutely everywhere, everywhere official and theres nothing I could do, he gloated all about it scolling the article at me to highlight all of the areas in the establishment which were on his side, he could see I was having difficulty in taking it all in and I think he got worried because at one point he asked me “do you know what this is” rolling his screwdriver by his chair.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 17.38.06

The masonic meaning of a long metal shaft is the sword which is part of the Freemason Death Threat every new initiate takes as a vow to never tell!

It was highlighted again after me showing obvious signs of not being so “warm” in masonic conversation.

From now on he was a different man to the “Granddad” I thought I knew for 43 years. He started making derogatory sexual remarks about his carers because they wouldn’t “oblige”.

He basically would always bring conversations back to having references to doing sexual things. By using odd words and phrases, Bums, bottoms, whoopie pants, there all the same when you stand them on their heads, feeling a little dicke, Burning bottoms. It’s all done in the spoken word and and for some reason it doesn’t even sound out of context?

Its more like an insinuation but never announced up front. It’s a way of talking out loud about the “BIG SECRET” without ever being understood by those who don’t know. In a “Nudge, nudge, if you know what I mean” kinda way.