How it started… Friday 12th June 2015

After standing up to my girlfriend and her finally admitting I was right and she had been a real pain in the arse, I went to my friends party, after standing chatting for a while, she asked me “hows it going” I just broke down into tears, so much that I had to go upstair into another room, I had been fighting the urge to commit suicide as I was so depressed and was at the end of my tether.

I sat in her room and bawled my eyes out, I had reached a point where I seriously wanted to stop living as I was finding it so hard to fight the depression. I had the thought up in their spare room…”What if something really did actually happen to me as a child” and I just couldn’t stop crying for hours. It was soo painful and i kept thinking and crying “WHAT HAPPENED”?

I messaged my friend who I had supported in her court battle against her pedo family member who abused her and told her I thought something had happened. I also spoke to my friend who’s house I was at about it after I had calmed down.

I needed to find out what happened, something had happened when I was younger, I don’t know what but I know something happened, and I HAVE to find out what! As I can’t keep living like this… SOMETHING HAPPENED!