Saturday 13th June 2015

My Granddad is in a care home, and I’m going through old documents in his house and finding some really strange things about him being a Freemason and connections with the Clan Hay, the Royal Family and the B.B.C.

So I decide to do some background research on the internet about Freemasonry. The sites I’m coming across all say the same thing… That there is a Satanic theme going on throughout the higher ranks of the freemasons and there is also a lot of links to Nazi Mind Control, Germany, Aleister Crowley & Satanic Ritual Abuse.

So to check if it was really true, I decide to challenge my Granddad on some of his behaviour. As my mother and my auntie have been sorting out my Granddads affairs and sorting out his life (He was put in a care home by the doctor a few weeks earlier) Granddad kept giving mum and my aunt a hard time and going nuts at them for him being there (in the care home) I decided to stand up for them both, so, I went to visit him and challenged my Granddad on his behaviour. I told him clearly that he owes them an apology and a thank you. He kept on whining and complaining about his life. I told him he was just full of self pity and that he’s pathetic, because while everyone is waiting on him hand and foot he keeps having a go at the people who are going nuts trying to help him.

A few days later, my aunt came to my Granddad’s while I was there and said thank you to me for standing up to Granddad and she also backed up what I said by saying ‘yes you were being unfair’ etc. This is the reaction I expected, when you stand up to a bully you get backed up from the people on the receiving end.

My Mum however when I saw her on Wednesday 17th came straight up to me and said “You hurt and upset Granddad” now correct me if Im wrong but my standing up to him for her was a favour to prevent bullying. So mother just invalidated what I did, and tried to instil guilt and shame in me. This to my mind is very suspect behaviour but very usual from her, and it is leading me to remember more about how things were growing up.