4th July 2015

Ok a lot has transpired, Gramps is encouraging me to join certain organisations such as being a  PPG by joining NAPP. From the way he way talking (masonic style) he hinted that NAPP is an organisations I can approach in order to gain access to abuse children.

He suggested I change the word “patients” with the word “customers” when thinking of producing an organisation of my own.

This was all communicated along with “gentle” reminders of the death threat, highlighting the screwdriver.

  • http://www.napp.org.uk
  • http://www.napp.org.uk/ppgintro.html


I was getting annoyed at the pressure to “join” and the whole of my current situation, so I tried to shake the freemason tree on Facebook by posting a statement about who Gramps is, that he had access to the Hansards reports and that I’m thinking of joining the freemasons. One of Lee Evans’ friends posted a comment to “Rule one lee don’t tell anyone” which is pretty stupid it seems. I went to to ask why Allen why Lee shouldn’t and he replied he was just joking, I then had quite a few of Lee’s friends give rave reviews of the freemasons.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 17.37.35 Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 17.37.50

My thinking is that as Gramps had access to all of the discussions in westminster for decades that his job would be to manipulate world affairs, and the coded discussions he has had with Graham only leads me to think that he is at the top of the illuminate and receiving info through family members… The all seeing one eye. I will pressure this as a lead as to who he is.

He has also strongly hinted that he is a Nazi and “we” are working for “the regime” which is believable because according to the story we all know, he was injured in his tank in WW2 and when the Gremans found him they bandaged him up, gave him some cognac and left him to be picked up by the British Allies!!! I’m thinking that only a high ranking freemason could accomplish this.

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