April 2017

Getting into contact with the Hollingsworths

Over the course of the last few months I met with Adrianne, Graham & Jeremy as they had also witnessed Gramps’s abuse but we had never talked.

I had a couple of nice Sunday lunches with them and we all agreed on how bad Ali & Mum had treated him. Adrianne is very hurt! Mum & Ali had snubbed her when she popped over to WT shortly after Gramps died.

Adrianne, Graham, Nick, Jeremy and the whole side of their family were told that I stole Alison Jewellery. Somehow the story had perpetuated! I kicked off at Mum & Alison and communicated this slander to J,G & M.

It looks like the extra flip to my exposing their dirty move. Make me out to look like a thief! While they run away with everything! wow