5th August 2017

I go to Swansea and spend the night on the mumbles. The next day I meet Tom Jones to buy the VW.

It’s great!

I stay in Swansea all day and park in the same spot as I did for my last night in the old camper. It’s bigger!

The next morning ( Monday ) I drop the old van into the car auction to be sold – Good bye LW02 FKE!

The drive back was ok, but the next day, a hot blonde prison warden crashed in the back of it !

Had so much difficulty sorting the insurance and they only gave me a transit as a hire vehicle while mine is being mended!

Im guessing I transferred my Karma to the new van as the dent I made in the old one was my fault and I didn’t tell the other person – Karma! I knew I shoulda left a note on their car !

£5k of damage! And now I’m in a box lol