Monday 21st August 2017

So to update the key facts so far.

Since Gramps funeral I decided to start stirring!

I hadn’t spoken to Jason, Martin, Gemma, Alison or Gemma since 2015 – After I reached out to Jason to help Gramps – I just decided to keep quiet after Alison & Mum threw me out of WT. Now Gramps has died I am playing with a new deck, so to speak.

After I challenged Mum on why I was thrown out she replied – it was because I was ” ‘bothering’ – his word – him with your questions about going into a home”

This is a home they had organised and I had warned Gramps about!

The actual will left nearly everything to Mum & Ali – The final will was made in 2014. The next year they put him in the first home.

The “Grandchildren” Me, Jason, Gemma & Martin were left £15k each – Mum & Alison are millionaires.

I challenged my mum on the money everyone else received for a mortgage (everyone got £30-£40k each apart from me). My idea was to give it to Jo & Ben for a house. She said it was Gramps’s agreement and not hers she wouldn’t honour it.

I kicked off at everyone on my side of the family.

I called them pedos and challenged them to do me for slander. Nothing!

I told all of them about all the pedo related facts – Dads behaviour, Gramps’s outright confession and suggestions that Mum also knew. So I just sent it off to them all – and Nothing! Not a challenge not a word. Stone cold silence for weeks now.

Although Mum did transfer £50k to me. I bought an amazing new campervan! 🙂

VW – Sweeeet!