About me

Darren James Butler


In February 2018 I was sectioned under the Mental health Act for 3 months. Once I realised everything my Grandfather told me and spent months convincing me of about the family and everything in this entire blog was all his due to his own dementia, the Basildon Mental Health Unit released me back into the community.

At that time after believing all the rubbish my Grandfather told me, I also believed my Mother, my Aunt and my Grandads old accountant all conspired to end his life quickly and cheaply. I actually believed there was a full on case of masons committing mutiny and treason to my grandfather the big “1 EYE” 😂😂😂.

I thought they had all conspired to change his will so that Mum & Aunt got 90% of the HUGE legacy money too! I also used to believe granddad told me he wanted his money split evenly too! 😂 Imagine that – What a crazy delusion! And there was me in my head trying to “protect” my granddad from an attack of epic  proportion as well. What a plonker I looked to my family. Who I have apologised to on many occasions since then.

Just take a second to imagine my fear believing it was actually true. And just think of my relief when I realised in hospital that it was just in my head! I Just want to thank Basildon MHU & the Basildon police department everyday!

I was arrested twice in 2018 then put into section 2 for one month, then section 3 for 1 month and then another section 2 for the last month. Then I was released in May 2018.

This blog is my record of my own mental health problem. None of it is true!

I am now homeless & sleeping rough. I still work! These are my remaining businesses. At the time ( in 2015 ) because I believed I was surrounded by paedophiles, I became a Male Escort in order to keep character witnesses of my sexual behaviour. I’ve had roughly 600 Escort clients since 2015 (July 2019) ps – I’ve never had an STD. I still Escort today as it’s the only job I can continue with being homeless. It is an amazing job and it’s made me learn how to properly respect women and has pretty much turned me into a fierce #malefeminist ❤️ I’ve even been interviewed by Kathy Burke for Channel 4’s “All Woman” Which will air on August 27th 2019

Escorting is completely legal in the UK, however we can’t get business bank accounts or liability insurance sadly.

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