Monday 5th February 2018

I have given all my evidence to Essex Police / Yorkshire Police and The Sun Newspaper. The Masonic code means they are not allowed admit any of it is true, this is because of a secret death threat they all take. They all agreed to turn as BLIND EYE in exchange for a nice lawn / political power / business power. It’s a secret upside down promotion system which rewards people like JIMMY SAVILLE and the people who victimised the ladies in Hollywood! #metoo

It’s endorsed by the UK Crown and the UK Political System.

So because I’m shitting myself. I have to do all I can to protect myself. If you can see this page please subscribe to my Essex DJ YouTube channel. I live in a camper van because I’m very scared. I don’t know which way “the establishment” will go with this so I need you all to be aware of what’s happening as it transpires.

I’m trying to protect CHILDREN and victims of rape and pedophilia. I was hurt a lot growing up, but I have come through life with a completely clean soul and learned how to heal myself. So I get to shout about it!

In an attempt to prevent rape and disrespect of women….

Women have 2 options for losing their virginity.

1 – A nice boyfriend or

2 – Find your own solution “SLAG!” – I hate the general disrespect women receive!

Why don’t we provide a SAFE OPTION!?

Some of my background…

Preparing a Press Release for YouTube

I have no idea which way they will go just now! So there’s 2 options… I hope they choose the first option!

Please don’t choose this option