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Gramps’ Funeral

I didn’t go. Not interested in seeing family whatsoever.

I did my class at the gym and cleaned a flat like usual.

I messaged Jason the next day to ask how it went. He said “Was a good service, lots of emotions, few tears ”


Gramps Died

Saturday 7th January 2017

So I’m up north with my son for the weekend and I get a few missed calls from my brother. I kinda guessed it was this. So I spoke to him on the phone, and he said the Carer found him and he died while she was on the phone to the medic. I had another conversation with my brother later where he said he was upstairs in his bedroom.

Im not fazed and go in to tell my sons mum and then my son. It was easy to say and I wasn’t upset in the slightest.

I got a message from my cousin (who still speaks to me) expressing her condolences.

The Burglary & The Police

I’m driving to the gym in my camper van, as I pull up in to the car park, I get a knock at the window. It’s the police! They ask me if I have anything in the van that I shouldn’t. I show them my small bit of weed. lol

They say they are investigating a burglary in the area and my van matched the description of the vehicle seen at the event. I let them search freely through the van, I obviously don’t have anything – but they confiscate my weed – lol

Next a day or so later I hear from Jo on the phone that Alison had been burgled at her home in Ongar. She kind of gave the impression that Mum insinuated that it was me!

End of 2015

Getting Kicked Out of WT

After I told Gramps about Ali & Mum’s attempt to secretly move him into another home, they turned the Carers against me. The South African carer kept breaking up conversations I was having with Gramps, and we even had an argument. I said she should back off as I was trying to help Gramps see what situation he was in.

Then Mum emailed me to say I was scaring Gramps about care homes! Flipping the whole thing on to me!

Alison came over and gave me the official “get out” speech – This wasn’t to Gramps’s wish

Then a few days later another recording – just about my last day staying at WT – Alison says “In a way I wish he didn’t go on any longer as she finds it upsetting”

I move to living on the street full time in my van. I can’t get close to Gramps or Mum and Ali will make life more difficult for him and I’ll look like I’m “creating” as they both have all control.

Im so unhappy, I start going to the pub quite a lot and it does cheer me up. I hang out with my music friends and have a good time! I’m working for a bunch of companies in Brentwood in one office. It’s hard to go about life and keep all this to myself.

Christmas in the van on my own all day – Baked beans , and a tin of tuna. Stayed on StJohns road.

Mum’s email No.1

On 4 Nov 2015, at 20:19, ***** wrote:
hi there – we will now be postponing the care home which we had hoped would give dad more of an interest during the day, keep him more secure with his escalating confusion and especially the nightly wanderings – the Squirrels care home certainly was not like leonard lodge
so when the letter to you marked ‘urgent’ arrives tomorrow with the tapes in, could you put it in the bedroom for me for when i arrive this saturday please
see you sometime soon,   love mum   xo

Mum’s email No.2

I’m just backing Gramps’ want, & he wants to stay in WT.
Kindest regards,

Darren Butler
On 12 Nov 2015 at 04:18 pm, ***** wrote:
re your 1st and 2nd paras we are not trying to save tax as there are no financial benefits in this or the inheritance tax, we do not need to save for this, we are just using dad’s savings to pay for his care needs and as these are very expensive his savings in his bank account are going down and down all the time without putting any money back in plus there are all the bills for running this house
we have a full time carer and she needs her sleep so she can do her job in the day – as you know dad is up and about in the night and sometimes banging on the carer’s door and very confused which is why we are having to research extra cover in his home or, as another option what care homes he is reasonably happy with and which are more suited to his personality, whichever it is the payments will go up substantially meaning his savings will go down even faster
whilst we care and respect his wishes you might like to know that the care home we took him to view on tuesday he liked so much that he asked to be shown round another one to see any comparison, he was smiling and joining in with the activities, the other people who were staying there were very sociable who he chatted to and he was impressed with the en suit bedroom – once back in his own home for a while his memory faded on the morning’s visit so if you were asking him if he wanted to stay in his own home he would naturally have said yes
I am wondering if some of your concerns are also to do with your need to have this house available for laundry, showers and some of your meals provided for, without you contributing financially to anything – I know you were working to save to put towards your own place as you said, and, to be apparently living off of dad with these circumstances is not helpful
this present care agency have in their written instructions for each new carer that you are living here and that the expectation is that you will be supplying your own food – this can vary at weekends – and cleaning up after using the kitchen, which I know you do quite well anyway
I am wondering if you have some sort of financial or other crisis yourself which is causing you so much concern (about whether dad stays in this house or not) and why I offered to listen to anything you may want to say to me or Jason if you feel either of us can help at all
as this arrangement for care at home looks like it will be in place for some time I will be back down here in just over 2 weeks to see a new carer in and then again later on for the christmas period – with love  mum xo
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 2:06 PM
To: *****
Subject: Re: Hi
I understand all of the financial benefits for saving tax, however Gramp’s has stated clearly and on many occasions that he DOESN’T want to go into a home. Please remember that he was looking after Grandma when she was in a worse condition than he is and he was caring for her all on his own, so I’m sure cover can be found to help the full time carer.
I suggest that he is kept happy with his wish to stay in WT as a priority rather than focusing on the financial benefits, such as inheritance tax etc. After all it is HIS money and not yours.
Kindest regards,

Darren Butler
On 07 Nov 2015 at 07:02 am, ***** wrote:
Hello Darren – I will try to keep this short and helpful
I have heard from Alison about your night time chat with Grandpa and some other details where you were quite upset – if you wish to talk to me about any of it or feel I can help in some way, then I am a willing listener and will be at W.T., for the next week
if you don’t want to talk to me about it I am wondering if you would consider talking to Jason or another family member – sometimes talking to another helps to reduce the internal pressure of trying to do it all alone
also – and there is no pressure intended in this it is just information for you to consider:
1.   as you know Dad’s care situation has now changed so we are researching other packages so he can be managed better and this is likely to cost more
2.   his financial situation is such that we only have his savings to pay for all this care and, as it is not a bottomless pit, this money will only last a couple of years
3.   if he leaves the planet before it runs out or, we come to the end of the money, whichever comes first, then Woodland Thatch will need to be sold immediately and as quick as we can, either to pay for further care or to pay the tax man who will want his money first for the Inheritance Tax
all of the above is said with love and gentleness, whatever difficulties we may have between us or bits about me that irritate you, I do care, hope to see you sometime later today when I arrive at W.T. with much love to you mum   xo

Friday 13th November 2015

Ok there has been a state of stalemate in the family for the last couple of months – I can’t go anywhere as I have no money and I’m still living in my camper van in my grandad’s drive.

So a couple of weeks ago, I sat on the sofa and Gramps handed me a newspaper article on Pedophilia and an organisation which offers support to those who get those kind of urges.

I got the distinct impression that the organisation is a trap / net for recruiting pedophiles into the establishment. Much like the NAPP –

This is the article…(click the images to enlarge)

IMG_7943 IMG_7944

I went out last week and had a few drinks with my friends, when I get back to Gramp’s he was on the sofa. We had a talk, where I told him I wasn’t bothered about his money and that I’d be quite happy to die and leave this place as it has caused me no end of misery. I broke down in tears and he was kind and offered to help by asking “what do you want to do” or “what would make you happy?” I didn’t wanna tell him that I wanted to expose the BIG LIE so I said I couldn’t think of anything. However I did feel better for opening up to him.

We had a game of Rummykub and then I told him the secret that my Mum and Aunt were planning to send him to a Care Home again without him knowing. I advised him to speak to Adrian & Graham, however I found out that he kicked off at my Aunt.

The next day, my aunt gave me a guilt trip about how I let her down! Then I received an email from my mother outlining the financial situation. But I couldn’t help thinking that they were intentionally putting him in a home secretly to actually cause stress bringing an swifter end to his life and a quicker inheritance!

I’m thinking this because mother had a row with my grandad in the 1980s about his money, and she wanted to “Ram his money down his throat”, she said this on many occasions… plus also my aunt told my mum about our chat about Gramps (see earlier in the year) but she’s also said she “didn’t want to know” about the ins and outs of it!

It’s appearing that they are both conspiring to get his money asap.

Mum is playing mind games and trying to wind me up into a rage by saying things and then denying saying them!

I’ve blocked their attempts this time and have posted this situation on a forum.

Mum’s Email No.1

Mum’s Email No.2

Also I’ve heard nothing back from The Sun & Dispatches at Channel 4 :/


While going through everything with my family in June I was also going through a breakup with my girlfriend. I found out that she also comes from a masonic upbringing. Her mum works at the “Bluehouse” pub which is an old masonic name. She repeatedl

Tuesday 18th August 2015

So I’m sitting with Granddad in the living room and he seems in a little bit of a panic. He then says “Im worried about some important documents” and “do you know anything about a secret drawer” – I do as I found it with all of his passports in and then told Alison about it when I went over along with the whole Nazi picture.

I say “no – I don’t know of it”

He walks off in a bit of a fluster.

I then go out to my van and get a call from Auntie, she says she accidentally told my mum that I knew of it!!!!

I understand that in occult families the children are trained to self destruct (self hard or commit suicide) or can just try and escape and then end up turning themselves back in. Perhaps it was programming which lead her to drop the info in or perhaps it was sheer absentmindedness – ??

Auntie tells me that my mother is waiting on a reply from her to find out about how I knew about the secret drawer, so I tell her to just say the truth that I told her.

Talk about drop me in it!!

I decide to up the stakes and email The Sun & Dispatches at Channel 4 about my story. Will wait and see.

IMG_7541 IMG_7542