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6th July 2015

The family are very confused. Since they only know how to talk freemason in a certain way, I’m just answering everything literally as normal people do and it’s confusing them.

Nick (my second cousin) accepted my friend request on Facebook as his wife liked my photo. Nick is Grahams son who is a farmer. His brother Jeremy is a head master and his wife is high up in the school also I believe.

I am keeping close to Gramps, and while Mum and Granddad’s carer think I’m in the mason gang. I’m just playing normal and they think that i’m talking mason, so it seems to have them chasing their tails a little. Mum is backing me up coz I’m backing her up in front of Grandad’s carer. I’m also really friendly with Gramps so my position is secure for the moment.

I think Granddad’s carer may go very quiet around me soon.

11th July 2015

Loads has happened.

Gramps has communicated a lot to me. He has hinted (in relation to war around the world) ‘surely there must be one source, don’t you think’ ‘why is there no concerted effort to get to the bottom of it’ or words to that effect, plus “how do you think certain arms can be in certain places with out people knowing?”

He arranged a meeting with his old accountant and family friend. I felt “on the spot” as my Mum, The new carer, Granddad’s old accountant and his wife were all there, all part of the ‘regime’ and there for me :/

I’ve blagged my Granddad into revealing who he is and now my blagging has pulled me in really far 🙁

I was nervous and didn’t give anything away, I was way to nervous. So the meeting dried up somewhat, although Granddad’s accountant took me out for a spin in his Bentley, I thought I had better show some warmth to him. Incidentally his 3 year old top of the range red sports Bentley had my Granddads old number plate I EYE.

Google Image Search for "One Eyed Freemason""1 EYE" Gramps old Rolls Royce Number Plate

I think Granddad’s accountant is taking over certain rolls and duties in the ‘regime’ as Gramps called it.

A few days ago when Gramps could see that I wasn’t too interested in the ‘regime’ and not really inclined to talk about fucking kids. He tried to urge me by saying ‘you’ve really gotta get in there and get your hands dirty’

He had already pointed out various pedo establishments to be involved with, but I just kept avoiding the conversations about it or tried to focus him on my business ideas.

Granddad kept referring to his time in Canada as a child of 7 he ‘learned’ all about the regime, meaning he was abused then and had “learned” and then in the same conversation referred to when I was at St John’s School Billericay (I was there from age 5 – 7). I recall being really disturbed there and hiding throughout the whole lunch periods, I was terrified and remember losing a lot of confidence and becoming scared.

After the meeting with Granddad’s old accountant my mum, took me and the carer to a piece of wooden board out the back of the house and kept mentioning that the board should be the other way around, and that I should wash the board and dry it in the sun (which was emphasised) and put it under the carer’s mattress! After this weird meeting the carer literally just started to become rude, intrusive and menacing. I’ve had to leave today as I can’t stand being around her. Plus she’s like this in front of my Granddad, like a roll reversal or just done by the ‘regime’ i don’t know?

Gramps kept referring to having sex with kids and explained it’s like a thermometer where the mercury goes up and down. :/

He then encouraged me to register the copyright for “Mercury Magic”, ‘magic’ being another pedo term.

He has complained a lot that the carer won’t ‘put out’ and it’s frustrating him.

I’m playing along as much as I can, although it’s becoming completely apparent that I’m not a bad guy and I now feel like they are turning, and being cold.

The carer also indicated to me that my aunt was going to be cut out of the Family, I’m not sure if it was a trap to see if I would say anything or if it’s a real thing thats going to occur. Only time will tell.

My aunt said on the phone that Mum had said that he swims naked in front of her and has made a pass or two. Alison was a little horrified and I just thought, if only you knew. I just stayed quiet.

i get the sense that I’m being pushed away, primarily by mum and also the dynamic within the house has changed all of a sudden.

While Gramps was out with the carer and my aunt for the day I took some more shots of the documents in the ‘important document’ box

12th July 2015

Just found out some stuff on Jeremy, Graham’s son.

Mr Jeremy Hollingsworth JNH Assistant Head/ History/ PSE/ Drama/ SMSC/ Student Development at St Georges School, Herts. “Founded in 1907 as one of the country’s first co-educational boarding schools”

I found out a loose nazi connection which is usually the way they work, for example my Granddad had his eye shot out by the Germans, he was captured, they bandaged him up and gave him some cognac and sent him back to the Allies to continue. Decades later he had a reunion with the German who attacked them. It was in the papers both here in Brentwood and in Germany.

Jeremy’s “Brainchild”

15th July 2015

Feeling at the end of my tether. Up at Alexandra Palace as stand by for filming The Money Pit. Feeling like I have no where to turn. Unhappy and despondent. Wtf am I supposed to do. What is going on and what should I do?

16th July 2015

Completely at the end of my tether, I go to Ongar and decide to drop in to speak to Alison. I tell her all about what’s been happening with Gramps, that he’s a Nazi and and has given me a death threat. How the masons work and also the Satanic ritual side to it. I also mention about Adrian & Graham, Mum and Gramps’s carer Sheree are all part of the Sect.

She listens and we decide to play our roles as we would normally be. I said I need to make this public knowledge as it affects everyone around the world and it can’t continue.

Felt much better for talking to Alison. Alison doesn’t want to know much more so that she can continue to play her part without getting flustered.

22nd July 2015

I came up to visit my son on Sunday the 19th. Gramps said something strange before I left.

He said “How do you get on with your in-laws?” it was a bit strange as my and Jo have been divorced for over 10 years. He then said something about it being good that we get along! I really didn’t understand what he was driving at, perhaps my son’s grandparents are in the masonic club.

When I got up to see my son, his mum said some guy up in Alsagers Bank was desperately asking for my Granddad’s phone number. Apparently he also has properties in Barbados and drives a RR as well.

On the morning after I arrived (Monday 20th) I explain the whole situation to my son’s mum, she is more than shocked and said she felt sick.

My son’s mum has researched conspiracy theories ever since we broke up in the early 00s so a lot of it fit with what she already knew.

I explained about Gramps having access to all of the discussion in Westminster and about his frequent visits to Egypt and his hints at his role in stirring up wars etc around the world.

I also explained about my mother being a part of it. And we also go through some of the photos of the creepy old masonic handbook, reading the poems etc.

My son’s mum told her parents not to give any info out to the local Masons as my son maybe recruited into them. I had also shown Jo the document where Gramps had registered his main organisation, a charity “TASKS for PEACE” on the day my son was born.

My son’s mum told me that someone up there knew about my granddad and wanted his phone number, she said he’s also a freemason and has also got properties in Barbados. He was keen to get into contact with gramps.

My son’s mum told her parents about Gramps being a Freemason, she said they both agreed to not give any info out to the guy who was after his number.

The next day my son’s granddad brought around a machete and asked me to clear my son’s mum’s backyard of the overgrown plants… It’s hard to not think of this as a warning!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.51.11

Monday 3rd August 2015

Things have calmed a bit now, Gramps is trusting me more now, he has asked me to send some of his “Cosmic” writing to the top Bishops in the UK.

As I understand it, his writing is intended to be recognised by people high in the church who understand the significance of the “Cosmic Consciousness” being part of the “Tunnels of Typhon” the rape of Children etc.

This is the text…


Man-made religions can result in competition and bloodshed so a collective belief system for believers and non-believers alike would be preferable for attaining peace.

Present believers could continue their existing rituals, music and pageantry without confrontation by supporting ethicaland peaceful activities for global transformation.

All life is presumed to have been created by a cosmic energy which may be called our Cosmic Creator, by believers and non-believers alike, without causing offence.

Humans could become cosmicans in Cosmicanity being the credible platform of mutual regard and unconditional love, say u-love, to show ways for our betterment.

Cosmicanity would improve ways within families, politics, education, commerce and workplace by its emphasis on basic moral civil conduct whatever one’s status.

To support the will of our Creator a constant mantra is “Cosmic Creator, please guide our free wills as cosmicans in cosmicanity by the cosmic way of loyalty and love”.

Let us all help by becoming a Cosmican Courier by TASKS For PEACE.

Personal recollections:

Truthfulness: why did I say I missed the bus when actually I got up late?

Accountability: Why did I inflate my sales figures when I took the day off?

Service: Do we shirk our duties rather than take the trouble to do our best?

Kindness: is the minimal of love spoiled because we cannot be bothered?

Selflessness : Why do we not now give up our seats up to a lady?


People’s: are we our own worst enemies because systems have dehumanised us?

Ethical: have our moral principles been depleted because it’s easy to get away with it?

And: is this the addition to link with our loss of values known as

Cultural: is it too much trouble to bother with best behaviour to maintain good values?

Excellence: What are the means by which high quality activity brings PEACE?

Thursday 6th August 2015

Yesterday Judy came back to care for Gramps. Gramps doesn’t remember, or at least he maybe pretending to not remember, as his memory is questionable and he can use it to manipulate.

I overheard Gramps talking to her and confirming that Rae had “put her in the picture” and she confirmed that Rae had.

Thursday 13th August

Theres a certain movement the masons do which is you make a chopping motion with one hand and use words like “cutting off” or “chopping up”

This has been used by 2 of grandad’s carers when communicating about my Granddad.

I get the impression it’s a warning that if I don’t behave Ill get cut off as it was used by Carer “S” to communicate the situation with Aunt, and right in-front of Aunt.

I’ve emailed “The Sun” as I’ve had enough and really can’t go on and NOT bring this to the public attention. There is so much information I’ve researched and found out, I just hope all the pieces of the puzzle that fit are perceived by the public in the same way.


Granddad still has me emailing the Bishops of England from his laptop to get his “cosmic” pedo message out to the church. His life long goal of trying to create a One World Religeon appears to be failing.

We both share the same birthday and theres a running theme of Satanic Rituals within my family history. After my mum was told by my Granddad that I knew the “family secret” and she came to visit, she looked remorseful and guilty, and then suddenly said something like “Grandpa pulled us into something around the age of aquarius” so I suspect she meant they all hurt and traumatised me when I was born or very young at a ritual… therefore I guess my role within the family would be to take over from Granddad, after all they have invested all of this Satanic abuse, trauma and mind control in order that I turn out supremely dark and cruel like they are, so that I can continue the Nazi / Occult Magick and just “leave things as they are” as Gramps put it, by taking my place within the Regime.

Granddad is under the impression that I’m still scared. I have to say I’m more excited that anything now that I’m deciding to go public 🙂 Woop!