Coded Communication & Behaviour

Very, very, pervy!

So, much like the movie WWZ, once you figure out the codes, you know who they ALL are. Because BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER you know all of their friends and business partners are in it too! They NEVER EVER mix with regular people. See below! Simply the opposite of Christian. Perfectly Anti-Christian.So we have a Secretive Anti Christian theme running through the Crown and Parliament! See below.

Acknowledgment of a photograph is code for completion or “doing business” – The second letter with the smiley face is from Gramp’s old German friend, who he sold the key “Hansard” contract to.

It’s important to be brutal with one child in the family so they are easily invalidated and it’s then simple to Gaslight them into madness, you keep telling them they are sick so you can “make them better”!

Note how the word kiss is underlined! Kiss / Rape. The church is included because you have to give the impression of being good and godly. It’s camo!