The Flow of Information

After being injured & then rescued by the Nazi’s, Granddad started an employment business called Burnell Bureau after WW2. He supplied Parliament with Hansards ( the people who record speech on a typewriter like in a Court room ). So grandad handled everything that went through the HOL & HOC. All the information was and still is available for distortion and twisting. Which is especially scary as he admitted to being involved with War mongering and the movement of arms as well as the global pedophile network. He tried really hard to recruit me, I blagged along to see how far it would go. See diary.

As Mr. 1EYE illuminati he had everything in his hands, information wise.

He bought a second home in Westminster after the cameras went in Parliament opposite the PMs secretary in Vestry Court. My cousin Martin Burkert lived there also. I’m sure he is involved as Granddad wouldn’t have trusted him to live there with such important information. I think he was helping Gramps with someone of the dirty work. My cousin is a police man in the MET.

From the 1960s – 2010s Granddad had homes in Barbados WI, Westminster London & Brentwood Essex.

He owned various properties in Barbados, Lime Grove, A house called “Fairhaven” and another called “Arbourfield” although his favourite was 15 Sandy Lane. For decades he had a beach house next to Sandy Lane Hotel. So many politicians and powerful people go through that hotel it makes an easy & luxurious way to pass information. I remember going to the Prime Minister of Barbados’s birthday party in the 1980s with my Mum, Dad and Brother Jason Butler.

The flat he had in Westminster was in Vestry Court

15 Sandy Lane & His cabana on Sandy Lane hotel beach

Graddad’s property in Brentwood Essex – He had the biggest plot of land in the most affluent area!