Why Pedophilia

Mutual Accountability 

  • Street gangs recruit by mutual accountability. Once they get you to commit a crime they know you are “SAFE” and can be trusted.
  • The masonic network works in exactly the same way. Pedophilia is one of the entrance fees to Money and Power.
  • They only have to be sure that you can’t / won’t tell for you to receive all the juicy benefits.
  • The masons often get new initiates to start an organisation with Children. A special needs care org or a dance school etc.
  • Once you are integrated you are connected to the other powerful people they simply make sure your business is a complete success because you’re trusted!
  • They all defend each other, they will all say it’s not true.

Why it simply continues to this day.

If you are sexually abused as a child, especially regularly, you will more likely offend yourself, and therefore will be completely unable to shout about this! As long as you offend or feel GUILTY its a completely “SAFE” method of keeping the lid on it.

Some of my experiences as a child…

Some masonic children maybe unaware of their past abuse, it took me until i was in my 40s to realise my family were gas lighting me.

Mum took me to a Masonic Iridologist for bowel problems. I was forced to take 9 pills twice a day by my mother, the pills were drugs and Dad used to abuse me at night. When the drugs wore off and I came fully round, I used to run in their bed room screaming with fear, not knowing they were the ones hurting me. Mum then used to pretend to “care” for me, while my Dad ignored me.

Dad also would play around in the daytime completely openly by pinning my hands on the lounge floor and pretend “RAPING” me in the arse, infront of my Mum while she ironed the laundry and watched. Dad’s name is Nicholas Glen Butler.

My relative Adrianne Hollingsworth told me in 2015 when I was living at Granddads that they used to take me to a car garage in Barbados in the 1980s where they would scare me senseless and abuse me in a satanic type ritual. I can’t remember any of this, Adrianne simply told me in front of my Granddad without any fear or worry.

My granddad told me that an old Masonic trick to scare the shit out of your kids, is to wake them in the night with strange noises to keep them on edge and terrified. Mum and Dad used to do this ALOT!

I fought through the madness they created in my life without ever losing my integrity, and found a way to heal it all! I can describe ALL of this in detail. In fact I’m dying to tell the public how to heal the madness from sexual abuse! The effects are 100% curable!